Black Belt Club classes
    Once a month (check out the Events board for upcoming classes)

2017-18 After School Registration - ENROLLING NOW!

​​​​4Q17 Gup Test and Black Belt Makeup Test AND Bake Sal​​​e
    Nov 18 beginning
    - 9am - ALL white, yellow, orange and orange 1 stripes
    - 10:30am - ALL green belts
    - 12pm - ALL red belts, cho dan bos and black belts

    ***Please bring a bake sale item - all proceeds will help students attend the World Championship in July 2018!***

Santa's Sleepover
    Dec 1 - drop off at 7:00pm

Annual Holiday Party @ Rico's
    Dec 2

14th World Championship in Washington, D.C.
    Ince Karate Students just got back from competition and did a great job!
    Click here to see pictures and highlights of this event!   

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